Coach Busken,

Well I’ve been here in Newport RI for almost a month now and it is already starting to feel like home.  The hard part (basic military training) is over and we just started classes.  Football is going well, and our first game is right around the corner.  It is extremely excited to be of such a prestigious group.  But aside from that, I am also writing for another reason.

This is about all the preparation I already had before I got here.  All the preparation came from the great Basha football program.  Some of the stuff they have us do seems silly, not goanna lie about that.  But in the end, everything boils down to responsibility, dedication, being held accountable and doing your best to be the greatest every day.  It all sounded and felt extremely familiar when I got here.  Some kids weren’t ready for it, and are still adjusting, but not me.  No matter what I do here I can’t help but relate it back to football at Basha.  Every little detail from “tucking your shirt in”, to “doing your job”.  Everything I took from high school football while being coached by you has already helped me in ways that I didn’t see coming.

The biggest thing we stress here is teamwork and how it’s about the team first.  Whether it’s in my platoon or on the field.  The 5th Law of the Navy States:

“On the strength of one link in the cable,

dependth the might of the chain.

Who knows when thou may’st be tested,

so live that thou bearest the strain.”

In other words, you are only as strong as your weakest link.  If everyone isn’t buying in or even one person decides to not take something as serious as everyone else, it can bring the whole squad down.  Everyone needs to buy in.  This is yet another term that sounded familiar, when they first presented it to us here.

I’m not writing this to inform you, because you already know all of this, and have seen it in many other past players of yours.  I’m writing it to thank you once more, and join the group of past players who have embraced past experiences from high school football and all the lessons learned.  Without the discipline and criteria of Basha Football I wouldn’t be here today writing this, or be as prepared as I am for this new lifestyle.

Best of luck to the team this year.  Keep your heads on straight, enjoy these times, embrace the lessons you all learn, and strive for greatness.  Don’t settle for being mediocre and have no regrets.  I will be rooting for you all from 3,000 miles away

-Ronnie Querry