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Donations & Tax Credits

Please consider contributing to the Basha Bear Football Team utilizing Arizona’s Public School Tax Credit Contribution program.

Using the Arizona Tax Credit Donation program can directly and instantly help the Basha Football Program.

Recent example, was due to “owe” $148 but after making the donation, getting a “refund” of $52.

It’s a straight dollar for dollar off the top of your State Taxes, you can decrease the amount owed or increase the amount refunded.  The difference being the money is going to the Basha Football Program versus the State.


The website link (above) will provide a video to watch and understand the direct impacts of this donation. Plus, a link is available below the video, on our website to access the tax donation webpages. When making this donation be sure to select “DONATION FOOTBALL”. If you’re a parent/guardian of one of the student-athletes in the football program, use can use “Infinite Campus” to make your donation. Otherwise community members, can also donate using the “Community Members” link provided on the CUSD webpage. For more additional information, you can also view this web link provided below.